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Written by Randall Eaton

Travel Trailer Comparison GuideWhen you purchase a new or used travel trailer, fifth wheel or ultra-lite RV buyers are focused on floorplan and color schemes without too much attention to how the travel trailer is built and materials being used.

This is a common mistake and it is estimated that over 90% of new buyers are pre occupied with the external aspects of a motorhome and not the internal components that will ultimately determine if the model you’re considering is a quality product.

In contrast, most experienced or educated RV buyers focus on the chassis, drive train, engine, suspension and exterior construction when selecting a particular recreational vehicle.

Bottom line – What you can’t see, wall construction, plumbing, electrical, chassis, engine, suspension and other hidden components will determine how satisfied you are with your motorhome. Don’t fall in love with a certain model just because it has a good floorplan, this is important but not as important as quality of construction.

Travel Trailer Comparison GuideIn order to help you understand certain construction techniques used today we have taken sections of Chapter 2 of our top-selling, “Travel Trailer Comparison Guide” and created a FREE REPORT for you to read. It is our hope that this free report will answer some of your questions concerning how travel trailer’s are built.

If you find our report helpful we would encourage you to consider purchasing our Travel Trailer Comparison Guide which goes into more detail about construction techniques. Our travel trailer book rates the majority of factories in North America, (98%) and provides in-depth ratings and reviews for each factory along with rating charts and valuable buying tips.

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