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Airstream recently celebrated over 80 years of “Airstreaming” history. They were the first to utilize riveted aluminum for their exteriors producing an extremely durable product and creating a unique look which has an almost cult-like following throughout the United States. Testing in some of the harshest environments known to man, it is not surprising that almost 70% of all these trailers are still on the road today, an amazing feat. Thus Airstream proudly states “Silver is Green”, as they keep their products on the road and out of landfills. According to the manufacturer, their travel trailer’s aerodynamics gives you approximately 20% better fuel economy than towing a conventional box trailer.

Celebrating eight decades of Airstream products, early in 2011 Airstream teamed up with another well-known industry, Eddie Bauer, a company that has a successful history with Ford Motor Company. The result? A combination of two icons with over 160 years of innovation and production and the all-new 2012 Airstream Eddie Bauer. The Eddie Bauer continues the classic look of bright aluminum finish and includes all the innovations and standard features that make Airstream one of the most popular RVs in the industry.

Airstream’s Sport Travel Trailer is a compact trailer that lets you live big. They are designed to maximize the smaller space and minimize any waste. They are spacious and have the comforts of a larger trailer but in a small easy to tow size.  

Before you purchase a light weight trailer check out our Travel Trailer Comparison guide. You can review different manufacturers and how they compare in areas like quality, customer service and more. Also included are negotiating tips and suggestions to help you get the best deal possible. Order yours today.


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