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Cruiser Lightweight TrailersCruiser Lightweight Trailers

Cruiser RV is a privately held towable RV manufacturer based in Howe, IN. Founded in 1988, it moved into the RV industry in 2003. Cruiser RV focuses on the lightweight sector of the RV industry. Cruiser has four products; Fun Finder X, Fun Finder XTRA, Shadow Cruiser and ViewFinder models. The company has grown from manufacturing five trailers a week to production of more than 20 a day.

Cruiser RV has expanded with the addition of another production facility. They have brought more fabrication in-house and have increased other operational efficiencies resulting in a better constructed and more affordable product for the consumer.

Although Cruiser states on their website, “the World’s Finest Ultra-Lights”, the majority of their brands would better be classified as light weight trailers. In the Fun Finder series, from 2003 to 2011, the company did produce a number of models that would be considered an ultra-lite trailer. At the start of 2012 the Fun Finder series changed to Fun Finder X series, which has some models that would be considered an ultra-lite, but most of these models are above 3,500 lbs. in GVWR. The Shadow Cruiser line also has a number of ultra-lite models to choose from.

Cruiser RV has received certification as a “Green Capable Manufacturer” and may soon display the TRA Certified Green label on their travel trailers.

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