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Livin Lite Lightweight Trailers

Livin Lite Lightweight Trailers

Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles Inc. was founded in 2002, and is building a full-line of lightweight, all aluminum “Green” campers and trailers. They started with their Quicksilver line of pop up tent campers that are so light weight you can pull the 6.0 unit with the smallest of cars or a larger motorcycle. Their CampLite travel trailers have a few more amenities to choose from, but it is still a true ultra-lite trailer, coming in at a dry weight starting at 1,400 lbs. and going up to 2,700 lbs. There are no wood products in their campers. It is a true all aluminum product.

Even the exterior has an aluminum look but customers can choose to have their trailer painted. They have started using Azdel, a composite material laminated with a wood-grain pattern. Consumers and dealers love the new change. In 2009 Livin’ Lite was listed in the “Companies to Watch” by RV News. This is a company that listens to the consumer.

The CampLite is a true ultra-lite starting at 1,500 lbs., especially compared to similar trailers tipping scales at 3,500 to 4,500 lbs. How does this company make such a light weight trailer? With an aluminum frame, aluminum rims, aluminum flooring, aluminum sidewalls with aluminum interior and exterior skin, aluminum roof trusses laminated with aluminum interior and exterior skin, aluminum cabinetry with aluminum framing, aluminum doors, aluminum bunks, aluminum and composite dinette table, – Yes, the answer is aluminum!

To find out more about Livin Lite and how they compare to other light weight manufacturers in the industry order our Travel Trailer Comparison guide today. Become an informed buyer with helpful negotiating tips and detailed rating charts you will be able to make your way through the maze of shopping for a quality light weight trailer.


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