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Taylor Coach Lightweight Trailers

Taylor Coach Lightweight TrailersGerard Taylor was the founder of Taylor Coach, and his idea to build travel trailers started when his family needed a vacation. He decided to build a camper and take his large family out west. After their vacation was over, Gerard sold the camper, and that was when he realized that he could make a living selling campers. So he took his carpentry skills and started building lightweight trailers right in his back yard. 1967 was his first year of production, and his vision was to build a quality trailer that travelers could tour the country in and create good memories.

Today Taylor Coach is located in Millgrove, Ontario, Canada, and over time they have prided themselves in building some of the best ultra-lite trailers on the market today. The company’s dedication to quality brings travelers from all over who have made the trip to Millgrove to purchase their own Taylor Coach. Taylor Coach chooses to be a smaller company which allows them to have a more personal relationship with each and every one of their customers.

Taylor Coach says, “We choose only products that are friendlier to the environment in the manufacturing process of the trailers. We are always striving to build and outfit a better trailer. We DO NOT use any particle boards, structure woods, melamines, MDF, rubber, or fiberglass. Not only are they harmful to the environment they are extremely heavy.” Taylor Coach is very open to customer ideas and that is why they are willing to customize their trailers if the customer wants them to.

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