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TrailManor Light weight TrailersTrailManor Inc. was born out of a need for Bill Hulsey’s family camping trips. Bill was dissatisfied with the traditional pop up camp trailers and his wife wanted a bathroom in the camper. So Bill put his doctorate degree in metallurgical engineering to good use and built the perfect light weight towable. The hard sided unit with its patented lift system has all the amenities; a bathroom, shower, small galley, and a place for the kids to sleep. When Bill took it out camping, people always commented and some even wanted to buy one. Bill established TrailManor in 1983 and it wasn’t long before a few dealerships took on the trailer. Over time and after fine tuning the aesthetics of the trailer inside and out, TrailManor models still receives a lot of attention when pulling into a campground. They are considered an ultra-light weight trailer coming in between 2,500 and 3,300 lbs. and can be towed behind minivans and small SUV’s.

New in 2012 for TrailManor is their cantilevered TrailManor, a unit that is mix between a folding camping trailer and a conventional hard-sided travel trailer. Previously TrailManor added a new product called the Sport line of folding trailers. The Sport Line has become popular among RV enthusiasts who want a smaller more affordable high-value travel trailer.

TrailManor products come equipped with refrigerator, range and sink. The travel trailers range in length from 26 to 31 feet, and have average MSRPs from $17,000 to $32,000. There are several floorplans to choose from and you can work with the company to “build your own”.

Before purchasing a TrailManor see how they compare to other light weight manufacturers in quality of construction, resale value, customer service and more. Our Travel Trailer Comparison Guide has helpful buying tips and a complete construction chapter included as well as detailed rating charts and more. Order yours today.




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