What is a Lightweight Trailer ?

How to know if the travel trailer you are purchasing is really a lightweight.

What really constitutes a lightweight travel trailer? Even among light weights, products and models can be different and this often leads to confusion when trying to decide what travel trailer meets your towing needs. Here we will clarify some facts for you and give you some tips to help you determine what is a true lightweight travel trailer.

First and foremost, do not make the mistake many buyers do; weight is not just about length and/or the model’s GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating). A lightweight travel trailer can weigh between 3,600 lbs. to 6,500 lbs. GVWR. However, a fully loaded unit can change a lightweight to an RV you might not even be able to tow! Often a manufacturer may call their product “lightweight” without noting the final GVW will increase significantly should you choose extra opinions or when you have it fully loaded with water, supplies and equipment. Therefore, to be a true lightweight one must look at a variety of aspects, features and components.

Materials, amenities, and floorplans are just a few features that can define what trailer is truly a lightweight. Many manufacturers will state their company builds a lighter weight trailer based upon their construction process and materials. While overall construction materials such as molded fiberglass and aluminum can determine a lightweight classification, this should not be the only determining factor. Take a closer look at the construction of the travel trailer; design for instance.

Design and towability are important factors. The front cap design on a travel trailer has been known to make a significant difference when it comes to towing ease, and with wind resistance minimized, it can make the trailer lighter. Towability can also be determined by a chassis or frame. A lightweight trailer will typically use a 2”, 4” or 6” aluminum tubular frame, which not only provides a great structural support, but they are lighter compared to steel frames.

The best way to determine if a travel trailer is a true lightweight is to add up all your provisions, include full water capacity weight, additional equipment, etc., and then add these to the company’s GWVS of the unit. Even better, if possible, take the trailer to a public scale and have it weighted with all these amenities.

With fuel economy and your towing vehicle being a big aspect of your choice for a lightweight travel trailer, these tips should be taken seriously. If you really want to be assured what you are choosing for an RV is the best model and manufacturer for your specific needs, consider purchasing our Travel Trailer Comparison Guide. This book will help you make an educated decision regarding travel trailers, including lightweights and ultra-lightweight trailers. Years of our research will give you valuable advice on everything from RV manufacturer ratings (for the highest quality companies), to buying tips and what to look for in construction and warranties. Take a look; our guide could save you thousands on your RV purchase.  ……More Info and to purchase the guide…Click Here

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